Super Mega Worm Ver. 1.31

– Icon doesn’t match iTunes

Devices Affected: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 3rd generation and lower.

Problem: My icon doesn’t match the one in iTunes.

Solution: As long as the version number on the top right says “1.31” then you have the update.  The icon will be fixed in the next update.

Super Mega Worm Ver. 1.25

-End Game Bug

Devices Affected: Any device with iOS lower than 4.0.

Problem: The game only continues to the end level and will not start a new game.

Solution: We have an update coming to fix this problem.  You can pause the game and exit to main menu as a temporary fix.

– Doesn’t Continue Game

Devices Affected: iOS 4.X.

Problem: The game does not continue from the main menu after being closed.

Solution: We have a fix coming for this in the next update.  Sorry for you inconvenience.